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Rate M due to the mention of Death/ Suicide
Hello and happy Friday, everyone’s favorite day of the week!
It’s Ashlei and I’m back this week with a special friend Melinda.

Melinda is a 12 year old girl born and raised in a small village right outside the City of Death, her parents Terry and Teresa always wanted a little girl but at the time of her birth they were unable to take care of her and abandoned her. Now, she isn’t sad about what happened, the whole village makes it a point to let her know her parents truly did love her and care for her as any parent would do their own children, but she is curious. There is so much about her parents she doesn’t know. She has been told she gets her light green eyes from her mother and her olive skin from her father, who once lived in the City of Sun. Her height is normal for a girl here age but her face often makes people think she is much younger than 12. Although her future is dark, Melinda is very optimic girl, she is nice to everyone, even those she shouldn’t be. She enjoys bike riding, reading, and cooking.
Just like the other kids in her village, Melinda attends a small school that trains students to be death masters. Melinda and her best friend, Star, are two of the top students. The top students have been invited to City of Death to meet their maker, who could change their lives forever. Star has the power to invoke fear and visions causing her victims often commit suicide to escape their own thoughts, while Melinda can take over bodies.

Melinda’s story will be told to the world starting May 21st so be sure to be on the look-out!

This post is for the fan fiction mods weekly challange.
We were asked to create our own character from a different realm. While working on Melinda, I realized I had never written a story that didn't take place within my own realm. So I decied to give you a little taste of Melinda and put her in BTS fan fic. Now the story hasn't even been started and won't be untile after my last final on the 11th, but please look forward it. It will also be my first BTS fan fic.

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It's looks interesting ☺
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