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4 Month Hiatus

That is a wrap! Final Examinations are all over and now I am going to sign off for four months. I am heading to my summer job now. Driving horses, entertaining people and being a cowgirl! Enjoy the stories I have and I will have more when I come back!!!
Those requests that I have gotten, I haven’t forgotten about you! You are going to be the first ones that I will do! 1) Anon - A sweet and jealous bts jimin one shot, with cuddling and fluff 2) Anon - Wonho courting a older girl secretly, but the girl is afraid and he comforts her 3) Anon - Sunggyu thinks that you are a reserved and down-to-earth girl with a serious attitude to the world, but then on an off day, he watches a movie with you and drink together and he sees another side of you and loves it. 4) Anon - Changmin has a blind date and the girl is worried about how he would perceive her due to her dark skin tone and her small height. 5) Anon - Lee Jong Suk where he gets jealous because of your old crush is talking to you then Jong suk becomes really possessive. 6) Anon - Where Jay Park goes out to a club with you and everyone thinks that you are dating when you two aren’t dating one another, then someone kidnaps you and then he comes to your rescue. 7) Anon - Park Jung Min where you and him are in a long distance relationship and how they get through that along with them seeing each other once again.  8) Anon - Jb wants to go out with another girl and he asks you for permission and you say you’re fine with it although you aren’t. The girl gets touchy feely with him and you get angry. He finds out and you get in a fight and he doesn’t understand your jealousy.

I think I can catch up in four months xD
oh good! I hope you can!!! haha if you want a full library of my stories please go to lovrodney.tumblr.com
Yes!!! Okay xD