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{WW} Sports Edition! Kyoko Shirayuki!

Yes, I know im late again...But better late than never! Especially when it comes to Waifu Wednesday! And from the anime Keijo!!!!! I present....
Kyoko Shirayuki!! Also known as the Missile Lady of Kyoto! Ive had my mind set on this anime since I first noticed that there would be a sports edition!
She has it all! Beautiful, smart, and shes an A-rank professional Keijo player!! What is not to love about her!! And I absolutly love her long lushious hair!!

She knows how use her hips, chest in all right ways, is there anything she cannot do!?!?! And she takes care of her own, I want her to take care of me tooo!!!!
<3 Kyoko Shirayuki <3
Tagging some of the Waifu crew! (If you want added let me know!)
She is a beauty. I love this anime hehe.
Agreed!! Just sad we wont see another season. :/
Yeah, kind of a bummer. Hopefully they do a spinoff of her story, or at least the pro debut of nozomi
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