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My favorite Supernatural anime character has GOT to be Kaneki. I mean, you can't blame me! Its pretty common!
Kaneki is a ghoul. Well... Half ghoul. He was once human, not surprising. But all he was looking for was love. Love with a beautiful, purple-haired woman. Rize being her name. But did he get that? Not really.. But he DID get a surprise. That surprise being that she is a ghoul. A ghoul that only wanted to meet Kaneki just to have a bite. So Kaneki is almost at his end, but before Rize could finish him off, she was attacked. So it wasn't only Kaneki who had to go to the hospital.
Since he was already close to death, and Rize had already passed, the only thing the doctors could result do was to take his attacker Rize's organs and replacing Kaneki's failing ones with them. This giving him ghoul blood and body parts. Making him half ghoul. Also giving him that "one eye normal, one eye red" effect.
At this point, he's more ghoul than human. He can't eat regular food. He can only drink black coffee. And he may only eat human flesh. But will he adapt to this new life of his? Find out by watching the series 'Tokyo Ghoul'!!
Honestly, its worth the watch.
So yeah! This is who I picked for Supernatural Saturday! Thank you @AimeBolanos @OtakuDemon10 and @AmazingAshley !!! And good luck to the others who are participating!
"Let's go home..."
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