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{AG} Supernatural Saturday: Seras Victoria!πŸ•‡

The time has come for the Anime Giveaway, and we're kicking it off with Supernatural Saturday! So tell us a little about your favourite supernatural character!

You can find all the information you need on the Anime Giveaway HERE!

**WARNING: This card contains spoilers for Hellsing Ultimate**

Seras Victoria - Hellsing Ultimate

I love this draculina because she's cute and badass, and she grew so much throughout the anime! Also she's half of one of my top OTPs!
Seras was an English policegirl when she got caught up in a vampire case. Alucard, the ultimate secret weapon of the Hellsing Organization protecting the world from supernatural threats, was on the case and found her held hostage by the vampire in question. After confirming that she was a virgin (a vampire can only turn a virgin of the opposite sex), he shot the culprit straight through the heart, the only way to kill a vampire, but to do so, he had to shoot through Seras.
As she lay dying on the ground, he gave her a choice: she could die right there, or, should she be worthy, she could serve him. He saw in her that she had reason to go on fighting: when she was a child, she had watched her parents be murdered right in front of her; it was the reason she had gone into law enforcement. So Alucard turned her, and her life was changed forever!
She was a bit disoriented when she awoke in her new room deep beneath the Hellsing Organization's headquarters, unsure if the whole thing had been a dream, but it wasn't long before she was put to work!
Her specialty was sniping, an ability enhanced by her new vampire eyes.
She spent a lot of time in denial of her new nature, refusing to drink blood, fearing that she would lose a part of herself and become a monster. Though she would go into the occasional ghoul-killing blood rage...
As she adjusted to her new life, her primary adversary as an asset of Hellsing was Millennium, an organization of synthetic Nazi vampires bent on destroying Alucard and the Hellsing Organization. As part of this war, Seras spent most of her time with a band of French mercenaries hired by Hellsing, led by Pip Bernadotte, who was a bit smitten with her.
Ultimately, she never became a true vampire until her battle with Millennium's Zorin Blitz, who played with illusions, paralyzing Seras as she forced her to relive the terrible memories of her childhood, blinded and mutilated her.
After finally stealing his kiss, Pip used his dying breath to offer up his blood to her, giving her the strength to go on fighting - with a vengeance!
That was the moment she became a total badass, almost on par with her master! Pip lives on within her, her shadow, protecting her and pushing just the right buttons!
Seras's bond with her master never diminished, even when he disappeared for years, thought to finally have reached his demise.
And she remained at Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing's side, carrying on Alucard's legacy!
As adorable as ever!
And just as badass!
So there you have it... kind of... Sorry, I suck at summarizing, so I hope that wasn't to insufferable! If you made it this far, thanks for bearing with me!

Can't wait to see your Supernatural Saturday!
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Can I please be added to tag list? :D
of course! 😊
She looks like a killer time xD
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