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Everyone is flawed. By flaws, I mean the things which you wouldn't like about the other person that you would have gradually realised over a period of time. No one is perfect out here. You,me and the one sitting next to you are different. These differences which one posseses are reciprocated in their thoughts,actions or behaviours and are perceived as flaws by others. The truth is every person is flawed including you. Its those imperfections which make one unique. Love these uniqueness in people. Embrace it. Ignore the part of their's which has no relevance too their eternal being whatsoever. Remember, You don't leave people for the negligible imperfections and flaws, take a cue from parents. They don't abandon their child for his /her imperfections. That sort of love is what one should possess for a friend,partner or any realtionship. And that sort of immense and strong eternal love is what the world is running out from.