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I Wish I Can Break Out of My Shell

Sorry, the first part isn't kpop related but just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. The second part is kpop related :)

I been the shy and quite type all my life. It was never easy to open up to people. It was never comfortable to speak to others. Its because I'm afraid of what people would say or think about me. I always believed to be myself and not someone I'm not because then I'll be out of character. I can be 4D when I'm alone or around the people I'm close to but not to strangers. I don't see how people can do it.

Now this part is kpop related:

I'll get to the point, I want to be able to go to kpop concerts, fan meetings, kcon, etc and have fun! I want to be lit too lol XD I want to be geeked up as much as you guys. I hate that my shyness always get in the way of my fun. Then I always have a uncomfortable time. I have like four friends who are kpop fans. I want to go to a kpop concert with them one day. I need more kpop friends to hang out with. Maybe it won't be so bad when I go one day right?

Anyone else feel the same way? Feel free to comment.

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I'm half Korean so most my life I didn't understand anyone since I was drag to America and I be alone a lot because I was a lonely person. I have support on doing my best, and I understand mst things now but even now I am a lonely person so I don't have much friends but if you agree or accept I seriously want to be your friend so think about me 😊 I'm here for you saranghaeyo
Aww I understand for some ppl it's hard but I feel like Kpop fans (us) have it a bit easier cuz we like the same music and the culture so just start talking about that and before you know it you will feel like if you've known each other for years lol. I'm the type to make friends easily and I'm really nice I would go up to you and talk if your alone for example I went to go see Hyuna in San Francisco I went alone since I didn't have any friends around me who like Kpop and I was in line to go in and this other girl in front of me was there to and it looked like she was alone and since we were both alone and just looking at our surroundings I started to talk to her like are you here alone I am to, what's your fav group just start with small talk then you will be fangirling before you know it lol and I even got her # and instagram we still talk. If you guys need any friends I'm here lol I love meeting new ppl and having a lot of friends we should all go to Kcon this year 😊😊
yeah I totally want to go to kcon 😁
Yea we should go
I gotta work like crazy and not spend a dime I'm already gonna go see GD and I'm going with my friends to the BBMAs to support BTS
i feel the same way but im not that shy i am a little and i do want to attend kpop concerts but i have no kpop friends to go with...😶
it's always okay to go to concerts alone!! you might be able to make friends that you never wouldve met otherwise. totes worth!
I feel that way too when I hear people having a conversation about kpop and I want to join but I get really quiet
aww ㅠㅠ *hugs
Always but I love my friends because I can be my crazy with them
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