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Its Supernatural Saturday! I was really looking forward to this day because I LOVE Supernatural/Horrorr type of anime and movies so today I picked!

Sachiko Shinozaki

I have not played the game shes from so i'm only going off of the anime. I cannot play horror games they give me bad dreams/nightmares (they're to realistic to me for some odd reason)

This will have Graphic Content!

(only parts of who she has killed)

There will be spoilers as well for those who haven't seen his show or played/watch the game


Your Childhood will be ruined as well

(I will be naming her voice actor near the end and it will ruin your childhood forever)

Sachiko Shinozaki was a 7 year old girl before she had died by the hands of her principle. Her and her mom were the first victims of the killings, she had witness her principle had killed her mom, she just so happened to be passing by when it happened. He saw her and couldn't let her get away and let the news out so he strangled her to death. Her spirit has been haunting the principle so what he does after diging her back up from the basment of the Elementry school is he cuts her tounge out and stabs her to teach her a lesson. In return She lashes out and starts killing people who are in the school
To get to the Elementry school (Heavenly Host Elementry School) You porfom a chant called Sachiko Ever After
Sachiko Ever After:
you and your friends gather around paper Sachiko and you grab a piece of Sachiko and before you pull you say "Sachiko-chan, we beg you" nine (9) times and you pull on the dall and keep the piece on you.
What they didn't know that saying "Sachiko-chan, we beg you" actually leads a gate way into their world and you're trapped in the school of the murders that had happen.

In reality all she wanted to do was tell the truth of what happened so that way she can rest in piece with her mother. I pick Sachiko because I felt so bad for her, that she went through all that, I mean i hate seeing and hearing that kids like this go through that and its horrible. She know rests in piece, she got her tounge back, and the teddy bear her mom made her, and shes with her mom once again :)

(this is the graphic content I'm talking a about, please scroll paass if blood makes you uncomfertable or sick these are the people/kids she killed )

(ok now back to normal pictures xD)

Game/Anime: Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Sachiko voice actor is ikue otani, she is also th voice actor of Pika-chu (Pokémon)

(for those who didn't know, I have ruined your childhood and I'm very sorry)

So guys who is the Supernatural Charater you picked?

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Omg i should watch this anime it look interesting!
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it's so good you totally should. if you can handle the Gore. it's hard core
This is one of my favorite anime's and the game is amazing too.
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I already plan on looking up on youtube and see videos of people playing it than me....ya i can't really play Horror games, tried once and it didn't go that well for me lol
that was the scariest game plays I've seen so far but for voice acting wise it didn't ruin my childhood as much (the guy who played Hans in the Japanese dub of frozen was also dio Brando in Jojo's bizarre)
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Ok yes ok I'm weird
@AimeBolanos same! 😮
I watch the game play through this it's really sad but it's more messed up at the end of everything
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