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Hello Topp Klass! It's Melissa with Topp Dogg Game Day! We will be having a game day every Saturday. For our first game day Saturday, we are going to play a Screen Shot Game aka SSG. The theme is Spring Festival. Which member is going to take you to a Spring Festival? Let's find out...

Which member is taking you to a Spring Festival!
You get to the Spring Festival with your date. You both decide to eat first. What food and drink will you get?
Choose 2 different foods. You might get something salty and sweet.

Now that you both have eaten, its time to play some games. Which game will be the first one?
Awesome! Your date won you a prize. Which is the prize he won for you?
After playing some more games, you both decide to get on some rides. Which is the first ride you both get on?
You both are having so much fun eating, playing games, and even riding the rides. But it time to leave the Spring Festival. How does your date end?

Please make a card showing what you got. We would love to see how your Topp Dogg Spring Festival date went. Please tag Topp Dogg mod support, so we will definitely see it. Good Luck everyone!

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@ColorMeKihyun Congratulations! It's always nice to get your bias