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Hey ARMY! 💜 I'm back with an update on how the BBMA voting is going so far. Im just gonna jump right in. Like the caption in the picture says, BTS is the fastest group to hit 100,000,000 votes for the BBMAs on twitter! This is awesome guys, keep up the good work😄
So this is our current status on voting on twitter. Our numbers are pretty high! However, It is said that Beliebers and some antis will team up to vote against BTS. So remember to keep voting and streaming! Anyone could catch up to us.
Despite the good news, we all know that every fandom has a few problematic fans. It is important that we respect each other's fandoms. PLEASE don't post or spam accounts/tags/ YouTube videos (that have nothing to do with BTS) with BTS related content. Recently BTS has been making many new fans. It is important that we set the example for them. We don't want to be seen as immature and unsupportive. It's important they don't think that this is ok to do. Besides, we all know we want it to happen to us!
To end this update on a good note, apparently some Kpop will be added in the game Just Dance in 2018! Oh how exciting👻 💜🔍💜🔎💜 Anyway thanks for reading my card!Remember to stay humble and vote BTS for the BBMAs!
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just because we've broken another record doesn't mean we can relax just yet...not until voting closes