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Anime: Charlotte
Lets see....before we begin....i want to say i hope u enjoy reading my are we waiting for let's beginning ^w^! this anime is pretty cool ^u^ a bit sad but the storyline ahhhh >///<....u'll just fall in love with it. So some of the the main characters have special ability. They have these special abilities during their adolescent age but we learn that one day these kids with abilities will end up losing their special abilities later on in life so u if u have an ability don't depend on them often cause one day they'll be gone (玫_玫;)"
Now to get to the best part the character i pick would be Yuu Otosaka
now in the beginning we learn that he has an ability that he can take over one person body for 5 seconds but that person has to be close to him to be able to do this 么_么"
so when he meets Nao Tomori he learn that she also has an ability like him but her ability is to become invisible to only one target and Yuu Otosaka thinks "what a half ass ability"
but moving on so he ends up being transferred to a special school that people might end up having abilities or not and he is forced to joy the school council and with his ability to help find other people with ability and warn them to stop using them so the won't end up being i picked Yuu Otosaka not cause of his looks...(okay....maybe he's kinda cute but moving on) he's pretty cool if u ask me i wanna have his ability sounds cool that u can take over a person for 5 secs.......^///^
SPOILER ALERT: Yuu Otosaka ability is called Looting聽(also referred to as聽Plunder聽orPossession) is an ability that allows it's user to take over another person for 5 seconds. However it can also be used to loot abilities from other ability-wielders if they are possessed.
okay so moving on he's pretty epic and love how he's will to do whatever is in his power to protect he's little sister and how his friends are will to help him out in any situation.
in the beginning he might sound like a person that only cares about himself but.....
He changes after he learns what happened to Nao Tomori's older brother and he also learns that people that have abilities have a disease.
Well, thank you for taking the time to read this card and hoped you enjoyed it ^u^ i also hope u have a great day.
Yuu Otosaka is gorgeous. This is a great anime.
my precious one eye reaper馃槩馃槩馃槩
i freaking love this anime
@josephrussell13 yup this anime is great馃榿