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Hello Royal Family! It's Suki here with anothe Minsu Monday! So for the theme we have....
I chose to do the movie night. I may do the date night at another time, we will have to see. So let's go on my movie date night with Minsu.
I hear a knock on the door and I peek out and see that it is Minsu with flowers. I check my outfit one last time before I open the door and walk out.
We walk towards his car and he has to stop and take another look at me. He is surprised that I was so pretty. He opens the car door and we head to the movie theatre.
We get to the theatre and take our seats with our popcorn and soft drink. We are watching a scary movie, The Train to Busan. I snuggle close to him and he holds me in his arm and says " It is okay, I am here to keep you safe." How sweet.
We finish the movie and he takes me back home.
At the door the stars are out and he gives me this look. I look into his eyes and he leans in and gives me a good night kiss. What a magical date. Our date comes to and end and I hope you all enjoyed it. Until next time stay Royal!

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That photoshopped movie theater is 👌🏻
Thank you!