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Kinesiology 101 A.R.M.Y NOTES: 호석 Edition

안녕하세요 친구

Welcome my lovely BTS 아미 and soon to be BTS 아미.


It's your BTS mod supporter here 이솔다 bringing you some extra level science course as we near the end of the week: KINESIOLOGY 101 OR 411.
**A kinesiologist is: a person who studies the movement of the body.**

●●Today's model: HOSEOK OPPA●●

Oh yes so I bring you two most likely to take me to my death by the time I finish this card series of movements.....



Pelvis area: 골반

Hands: 손

Fingers: 손가락

Palm: 손바닥

Back of hand: 손등

Thighs: 넓걱다리

Stomach area: 배


Abdominals: 박부

Armpit: 겨드랑이

Sternum: 흉골

Chest: 가슴

Just plain death

Part II: Boy Meets Evil









>>Swatting away the sudden dirty thoughts<<

>>And spraying them with holy water<<

안녕!! See you lovely Hobi lovers next Friday and on special occasions!!

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I swear Hobi is a jellyfish... He moves in ways that are humanly impossible...
I love hoseok! He's so funny and sexy!
I didn't think I would survive for a while there, my stomach is full of butterflies right now. I love watching him dance and his movements.
Sol!! Today is Sunday how could you?! Where is that holy water again?! :O *covers entire face except eyes*
I just died and when to Hobi heaven 😍😍👼
yay join me!!
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