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Favorite Supernatural Character (Staurday): Sesshomaru

Que tal peeps!

Prince Sesshomaru

Anime: Inuyasha
First episode date: October 16, 2000
Final episode date: March 29, 2010
Genres: Anime, Animation, Drama, Comedy, Romance Film, Fantasy, Adventure Film, Action fiction, Supernatural

Sesshomaru is my hubby and will always be my favorite anime character. I will admit that I did not like this awesome guy at first glance. However unlike all the characters in the anime I feel he is quite the anomaly.

How He Came to be.....

Well he came from his mother and father. He is from a great royal line of yokai.

Mother and Father

Sesshomaru mother name was not ever disclosed but she was known as "inu daiyōkai (デウィ・クラン犬, Goddess of Dog's Clan)". She was his father's first wife and lover. His father name is Inu no Taishō "(犬の大将, "Dog
Inu no Taishō "(犬の大将, Dog General) or Inu no Daiyōkai (犬の大妖怪, Great Dog Demon), was a powerful Inu daiyōkai who was known throughout feudal Japan."

Why I love him....

I love seeing his transformation. Yes, it id amazing seeing his physical transformation from his true form to human likr form. Additionally seeing how he transforms in his abilities and techniques. Unlike the othet characters he started out as an ultimate badass!

But what truly intrigues me is his emotional transformation. He was once a cold prince and actually developed a heart in the end. He becomes the protector of a little human girl named Rin who he resurrected from the dead with his sword tenseiga. Note: One can only use this technique if one has feelings for the individual being resurrected.

Supernatural Abilities: Recipe for Sesshomaru Powers

Immense Endurance
Enhanced Strength
Immense Speed
Immense Demonic Power
High-Speed Regeneration
Enhanced Senses
But all in all the way he moves is so supernatural! It's shocking how he has stole my heart!!

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