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Hello my fellow Topp Klass, it's Suki here with....
The theme for this week is scenarios. Let's play....
Blocking the Sun
Laying outside trying to soak in the sun. He looks over at the you wondering why you are blocking his sunlight staring down at him. He's thinking I know I am pretty, but can you move so I can get my sunlight.

My Water.....
You look at him with thirst, you watch as he drinks his water and wishing you could have a drink. You see him glaring at you with the look of don't even think about it. This is my water, I worked hard for it.

Just Kidding.....
Xero is leaning in and you think this is my chance. He comes closer. Your heart is racing and you are excited, to finally get tot hug him. Then he moves back to his spot. You feel disappointed. He smiles, and says I was trying to hear what the reporter was saying.

I hope you liked these. Until next time, stay Klassy!

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Very cute Scenarios ❤