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{AG} Super Power Sunday: Kamui!

Hey there! Back for Day 2 of the Anime Giveaway event! We saw some awesome cards for Supernatural Saturday, and today is Super Power Sunday, so tell us about your super power!

You can find all the information you need on the Anime Giveaway HERE!

Power: Kamui

Anime: Naruto

Character(s): Obito Uchiha/Kakashi Hatake

So whenever I consider what super power I'd want, teleportation is always high on my list cuz I'm super lazy lol, but the closest thing I could think of is the Space-Time doujutsu shared by Obito and Kakashi, the Kamui!
Of course, the Kamui is way more complicated and versatile than simple teleportation, and the ability to phase through objects would be cool too, especially when it comes to my roommate bugging me!

Honorable Mention

Power: Requip
Anime: Fairy Tail
Character: Erza Scarlet
Kind of a similar principle and reasoning to Kamui, it would be nice to be able to instantaneously dress like Erza because I'm lazy! Plus, it would save space to store my wardrobe in a magical dimension I can access from anywhere! What can I say? I'm practical like that!
Hope you enjoyed! And get in on the fun! there are 5 prizes up for grabs and still plenty of time to catch up if you're late to the party!

My cards:

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I always liked the thought of being able to control the Bansho Tenin and Shinra Tensei of Pain. I may have to agree that laziness plays a huge factor in wanting to draw something closer to me and get things away from me in a split second.
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