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Adrianna’s POV February 4th, 2014 I open my eyes with some difficulty, wincing at the bright light that came from my right. There was a pounding in the back of my head, as if somebody was personally hitting me with a baseball bat. “You're finally awake.” I jump at the voice, wincing again as the sudden movement caused pain to shoot up my chest. I turned to my left, where I find the speaker. It was the silver haired boy from last night. I narrow my eyes at him, unsure if I could trust him. “Who are you?” I ask defensively, clenching my hands into fists and pressing them against my chest. “I could be asking you the same question.” He drawls, crossing his arms and staring me down. I stare back at him. It was silent for a few moments before somebody with chestnut brown hair walks in with a bang of the door. “Yah! Joonie! Did you-“ They cut themselves’s off when they noticed that I winced at their loud voice. “Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were awake. I can just-I'll just leave.” They stammer out before they quickly run out with a shout of, “Jiminie!” The silver haired boy, I assume his name is Joonie or something, just sighed. “He is always loud, I'm sorry.” “Tell me your name and I'll forgive you.” I croak, watching him carefully. “I’m Kim Namjoon. Tell me your name.” He sits up, staring at me again. “Ryu Adrianna. Don't wear it out.” I manage to say. “How did I get here?” I ask, watching him get up and offer a hand to me. I carefully study his hand before taking it. His hand was warm yet rough with calluses. That's all I could gather from the few seconds I held his hand as he helped me out of the bed I had been laying in. “We found you last night sitting on the railing of a bridge and crying. We figured you were going to jump so I stepped in. We had a small conversation before you got off the railing. Then you just fainted. We brought you back to our place. We weren't going to leave a girl like you out on the streets.” He explains, guiding me out of the room where I start to hear what sounded like yelling. “Who's this ‘we’?” I ask, skeptical. “My six other friends.” He responds, leading me toward the source of the yelling. I stop short of what I suppose is the kitchen as I watch three people chasing each other and yelling at one another for stealing a phone or something. Namjoon clears his throat before yelling, “What is going on here?!” The six people stop what they're doing, including the one cooking on the stove. Six pairs of eyes had widened at his tone. The chestnut haired boy from earlier immediately clings to Namjoon. “Those two brats stole my phone again!” He whines, pouting as he points to an orange haired boy that looks anything but innocent and a black haired boy that looks as guilty as can be. Namjoon sighs, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Taehyung, give your hyung his phone back. Jimin, don't do it again.” He says sternly. The orange haired boy, I assume it's Taehyung, gives the chestnut haired boy his phone back with a huge pout on his face. I just stood there, frozen in place as I watched everything transpire. Namjoon finally notices that I haven't moved since we arrived to the kitchen. Somebody else also notices it too. “Kim Namjoon, where are your manners? Introduce us! She looks scared out of her mind right now.” Another boy with chestnut hair nags, putting his hands on his hips as he stares at Namjoon. “Oh, right. That's Kim Seokjin. He's the resident chef.” Namjoon gestures to the boy that just nagged him. “The one slumped over the table is Min Yoongi. He's the resident pianist.” Namjoon points to the ash brown haired boy, whom looked as if he had just passed out at the table. “The one that came in yelling and slamming the door is Jung Hoseok. He's the resident hope.” Namjoon points to the first chestnut haired boy and the latter enthusiastically waves at me. I shyly wave back. “You know who I am. I'm the resident lyricist.” Namjoon gestures to himself before pointing to the orange haired boy that was now bothering the black haired boy. “That's Kim Taehyung. He's the resident mood maker.” He looks up at the sound of his name and he smiles a fairly boxy grin and waves at me. “Next to him is Park Jimin. He's the resident dancer.” Jimin flicks Taehyung on the forehead for his antics. “And last but certainly not least is our maknae. That's Jeon Jungkook. He's the resident vocalist.” Namjoon points to the final boy, whom seemed as if he was trying to hide behind the one named Yoongi. I take them all in, they were all certainly handsome, and I realize what time it was. ‘Shit! I need to get home or else they'll find these boys.’ I panic slightly. “What's wrong?” Namjoon asks, frowning as he probably noticed my look of panic even if it only flickered across my face for one second. “I…I need to leave. Now.” I state, stepping away from them. At any minute, my so-called family could burst in with police. “What? Why?” Taehyung asks me, seeming disappointed that I had to leave already. “I can't be here. I shouldn't even be here in the first place.” I take another step back, starting to feel lightheaded and those ever familiar pins and needles. “Adrianna, you need to calm down.” Namjoon says softly, setting a hand on my shoulder and my panic just heightens. I quickly shove his hand off my shoulder. “D-Don't touch me.” I whisper. He furrows his eyebrows but doesn't touch me again. “Why do you need to leave?” He asks me, gently prodding with his words. “I just need to. Family.” I shortly respond, looking everywhere to find a way out. “I'll take you home then-“ I cut him off. “No. Don’t.” He looks puzzled. “Why not?” “They'll kill you.” The entire kitchen quiets down at my words. Even the sleeping Yoongi had woken up due to my outburst. “Why do you say that?” Namjoon carefully asks. I shake my head. “You…wouldn't understand. They just would. They don't appreciate me leaving the house at all, and you taking me back here for the entire night wouldn't sit well.” Namjoon sighs, rubbing his forehead. “Either way, I can't let you leave here alone. I'm taking you home no matter what." -_-=+*+=-_- -_-=+*+=-_- -_-=+*+=-_-

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