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Hey ARMY, I'm back again to give you guys some good and bad news on the BBMAs voting. So the bad news is that we have lost over 800,000 votes due to using the WRONG HASHTAG on twitter! *insert face palm here* ARMYs have been using suggested hashtags that have been created by antis. They have included hashtags such as #BTSBBAM or #BTSBBMAA, even if you add a period in the hashtag it won't count. The correct hashtag is #BTSBBMAs, So #checkyourhashtag. Posts that include the wrong hashtags have been deleted because they do not count.
Anyway, the good news is that I have a link to a special twitter account that I follow. 👉Click me👈 This account posts 100 votes everyday for BTS BBMAs. All their hashtags are right. All you have to do is retweet their stuff (which counts as a vote). They also tell you when you are done with all 100. I suggest you follow this account if you are voting on twitter. This will make voting much easier.
Oh! Did
mention that
had more good news? Looks like Fire has seriously surpassed 140 Million Views. Hopefully this motivates many ARMYs to stream even more! 💜🔍💜🔎💜 Anyway thanks for reading my card. Remember to stay humble and vote BTS for the BBMAs👻
Guys I'm going to the award show with my friends to support BTS we are such good ARMYs lol I still can't believe it
Ahh so lucky! Wish I could go😂😂
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those antis is a mf 😒
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you just made me choke on my sandwhich
Are they still in the lead?
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@dimplequeen Yay! 🎉