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Its time for another Anime Give way day! and its Superpower day! so I picked

All Of The Magical Girls!

I couldn't really pick one so I picked all of them and will explain thier powers. Girls names: Madoka Kaname (Pink magical girl) Sayaka Miki (Blue magical girl) Mami Tomoe (Yellow magical girl) Homura Akemi (Purple magical girl) Kyōko Sakura (Red magical girl) and lastly Kyūbey (little animal)

There will be Spoilers Ahead.

The show is about a girl name Madoka Kaname, she was having a normal day with her frind Sayaka Miki and her other friend Hitomi Shizuki (who isn't a magical girl) and they were on their way to their school. That very day she gets a new girl in her class Homura Akemi (Purple *or black* magical girl) during the day the new girl ask the nurses assistence (Madoka Kaname) to take her to the Nurses office since she gets sick easily, little did she know, is that Homura already knew her way around the school and lead on more to what she knew of and warned Madoka to not make a contract with a little creature. After school Madoka and Sayaka go to the mall and are hanging out when Madoka hears a voice calling out to her for help, She finds this little creature named Kyūbey and for the entire series, he tries to make a contract with Madoka, while she decides to become a magical she makes new friends along the way and starts to understand what it means to be a magical girl.

Kyūbey can grant any wish you want, and it will come true.

In order to be a magical girl, you must make a contract with Kyūbey and that is you telling him what your wish is.
Once you become a magical girl, you must fight the witches that come to the human relm before they hurt anyone else. But you don't know how or why they become witches.

But what if i told you this isn't your average cute and girly anime?

Kyūbey may look cute and doesn't seem all bad, but his true motives, well you have to watch the anime to find out.

Madoka Kaname

When she transform she uses her Rose bow and shoots from a distance, her wish, to save all the magical girls.

Sayaka Miki

When she transform she has a sword by her side, so i guess you can say she's like a knight or gurarden for her power. Her wish was to help the boy she was in love with.

Mami Tomoe

When she transforms she has guns by her side, and shoots her targets from close up or distance. They never said what her wish was (it probably was in the show but i can't reember) But she helps out Sayaka and Madoka to decide if they want to become magical girls or not. She also goes to school with Sayaka and Madoka shes an upper classman

Homura Akemi

She was transfered into the same class as Sayaka and Madoka. Her power is Time Machine, so she can go back in time. SPOILER :Her wish was to remeet Madoka, but her new mission now is to keep going bakc in time to save her friend before she meet Kyūbey

Kyōko Sakura

She's one of the strongest when it comes to hand and hand combat, she takes it seriously when it comes to wasting food. She has a syth by her side when she transforms to attack her oppoment up close, Her Wish was to have everyon come to her dads church and hear what he has to say.

Anime: Madoka Magica

So who is your Superpower Character? (or magic)