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I'm back and feeling really good, I've decided that I'm just going to focus on the things that make me really happy and try my best to let any negativity just slide past me~

one of the things that makes me happy, like REALLY REALLY HAPPY, is the one and only, Cha Hakyeon.

Here's one of my favorite Hakyeon moments of all time:
Long story short, Hakyeon is the biggest LR fanboy in history.

He tried his hardest to go to a fansign, but only bought about 5 albums (not exact number, my memory sucks haha) and didnt get in. The fans at the store even told him that was way too few but he was confident haha. When he didn't get in, he was so sad!

But even if he couldn't go to the fan sign, he could still go to the live show!

He showed up with all of his things and got in line with the other starlights. He even made a gift for the girl who was front of the line that day! (See that in the video)

Then, he stood around chatting with fans and it turned ugly. A fan told him about how she went to the fansign he failed to get into and LOOK AT HIS FACE:

The Hakyeon sass, I CANT.

Hakyeon has the power to bring joy especially through his sassyness and im just glad he was able to spark enough joy in you for to comeback! WE (and also Leader Cha) WILL SUPPORT YOU DON'T WORRY!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤
Welcome Back!!!
I liked how hongbin and hyuk sent their support through a video message... AND THEN THERE'S KEN! He's so funny!
yes!!!! and hyuk even went to a fansign too hahahaha
He's so precious 💕
I like his sass
my favorite part of him :D
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