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“Are you ladies ready for food?”
“Yass!” Jak responds, heading over to get the jacket she’d thrown off earlier. Unable to find her other sleeve, she’s spinning in circles. Jiyong starts to giggle and comes over to help.
She slaps him, “No, I got this! I got this!” He shakes his head and backs off with hands up. Jak finally stops and stomps over to him, “Fine. Will you help me?”
He holds the jacket up for her and gets a kiss and lick in on her neck.
“NO! I knew it! That’s why I didn’t want you to help. Ahh – you’re in so much trouble!”
He advances wiggling his eyebrows while she swats at him with her arms. “Bad, bad Jiyong .”
[YN] clears her throat, “Can I go change my clothes first? I’m feeling slightly undressed,” she comments looking at the two of you.
Jak turns to look at you, “You look fine, you always look fine. I’m jealous.”
Jiyong looks over, “She didn’t let you change after your flight?” At the head shake he reaches over and pinches Jak, “Where are your manners?”
Jak looks at him offended, “What manners? This is [YN]! We’ve been best friends since we were 5! If she’d wanted to change, she would have just gone and changed. I wasn’t holding her captive.”
Jiyong looks back to [YN], “Let me show you where the guest room is.”
As Jiyong takes her down the hall, Jak yells … “Hurry! We need real food, I’m starving!”
It’s Jiyong’s favorite hangout restaurant , everyone knows him and wants to say hi. Upon walking in he pulls Jak to his side before speaking to anyone.
Jak smiles, waves, and seems really tense. As they get closer to the back of the restaurant she relaxes a little and sinks more into Jiyongs hold. Her smiles at the final table are real, she’s accepting awkward one arm hugs or shaking hands. There are multiple empty seats, which is good since people keep arriving.
Once all but one of the seats are full, Jiyong stands and makes a point of introducing [YN] to everyone. A late arrival takes the last seat, next to Jiyong and directly across from [YN].
Jak leans over and nudges [YN] for attention. She’s flipping through her phone and after a minute she smiles and turns to [YN] with a smirk.
“Hey, do you remember when we were back in school and I sent you a picture of glorious abs during your religion class?” She turns her phone to show a black and white picture from a music video.
“How could I forget, I about died! I was hoping no one was looking over my shoulder.”
Jak shrugs, “Unless it was a guy, it would have totally made her day too.” She nudges again and motions with her chin across the table.
“That’s him?”
Jak gleefully nods and puts her phone away as Jiyong reaches over and takes her hand. Jak notices a snicker from across the table aimed at [YN]. She leans over to Jiyong and whispers in his ear, “Tell Gil to knock it off or I’m going to smack him.”
Ji looks at Gil, smiles and whispers back; “I think he has a little crush, you American girls are hot stuff or haven’t I told you that lately?”
She looks up at the ceiling, “Hmm, as I recall you’ve been m.i.a. for the last 30 days.”
“Let me correct that.” He stands up, pulls her to her feet and drags her onto the dance floor.

Now you know I am going to read Revelry vol 1 and 2 right now, right? for the 4th and 5th time all the way through. lmaooooooo
Teehee, the first meeting with Gil!