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Hello hello beautiful ARMYs!!! ♡♡ Violet here to fill you lovelies in on what we're doing in the BTS Community this week!! In honor of BTS being invited to the BBMAs this week's theme is BANGTAN TOP 5 RED CARPET LOOKS!!! ♡♡♡

In BTS news !!! (more like an update) Our boys arrived safely to Korea after their most recent concert! They finished their show successfully and now they can rest a few days. ♡ Our boys have been active on Twitter & V App so make sure to check those out! AND also, make sure to keep voting for our boys for TOP SOCIAL ARTIST! ♡♡ #BTSBBMAs

That's it for this weeks BTS community weekly! Like always we encourage everyone to participate in our weekly themes! Have a beautiful rest of the week!! ♡

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Be careful when you vote on twitter. manually write the hashtag #BTSBBMAs. Antis made a hashtag with a secret symbol so the vote wont count