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I'm sure we've all experienced this, but sometimes it takes a long time to get into a song no matter how much we love a group.

I often dislike songs the first time I hear it but usually come around :)

Here are a few songs I DETESTED when I first heard it and then it became a song I couldn't stop listening to:

1. Teen Top - Miss Right

I really didn't like this when I heard it, which sucks cause I love Teen Top. But then somehow, literally overnight, this became my JAM. L.Joe's part (neoooooooo~mu yeeh!puh!) slays me to no end, to this day.


Somewhere in the back of my mind there is still a part of me that is annoyed by this song, but it is overwhelmed by the part of me that finds it so catchy! The same thing happened to their song "Hate." I really didn't like the chorus but then couldn't stop listening!


This was when SM thought mixing 3 separate songs together to create one was a good idea (looking at you, SHINee Sherlock, even though i love that song haha) and my mind just couldn't handle it. It was like this song was too crowded and confusing but then once i got into it a few months later I could NOT STOP LISTENING.

4. SHINee - View

I think this was just a more casual title track than I'm used to seeing from SHINee and it didnt pull me in immediately. Now, whenever I heard that chorus I'm like, how was I not addicted to this from the first beat!?

5. Monsta X - I Can Be Your Hero

I fell fast and hard from "Rush" so I have no idea why I didn't feel the same about "Hero." Now all I need is 2 seconds of this song to feel incredibly bad ass hahaha

Looking back I have no idea how I didn't love these songs IMMEDIATELY! Do you have any songs that needed to grow on you?

My hated, but love now is GOT7's Girls Girls Girls. It's still a stupid song, but it's stupid in the GOT7 sort of way. (That makes sense...right?) I started GOT7 at the Just Right Era. Just Right still in my top 5 most loved songs by GOT7. (Who am I trying to kid? I love most GOT7 songs.) ^u^
I love BTS, but I don't like Fire. I don't know why. That is the only song of theirs I don't like.
I understand, i still havent gotten into not today yet for some reason
I hated bubble pop at first because I kinda hated overly cutesy stuff but now I'm kawaii trash and love cute everything. Same with gee
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I used to like bubble pop until Family Guy kinda did a spoof of it
I didn't like Cheer up or TT by Twice when I first heard them, but now I love them <3
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Yes Twice is one of those groups that you don't like their song at first but then find yourself doing the dances a couple of weeks later lol I was like "Just like TT.... oh wth am I doing?!" Lol
I'm not a big fan of jay park (like at all really, not my style) but a friend of mine is and made me listen to him so much that i sort of like 몸매 now XD
Jay Park is one I cannot listen to AT ALL.
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