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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with Sunwoo Sunday! For this week's theme, we are doing either a movie or date night. For Sunwoo, I'll be doing a movie night. Let's get started...

What's better then watching a movie at home? Its watching it in your own drive in like theatre.

I would make a intimate environment. Candles surrounding cushion beds with pillows and throw blankets. Set up projection machine with white sheet to show the movie.
You can't have a movie night without food, snacks and drinks. Hot dogs, chips, pickles, candies and soda are just a few must for movie night.
Even though we will have some candy, we will have something sweet to drink like Rootbeer floats!
Since both myself and Sunwoo like watching scary movies. The movie we will be watching will be a super scary one.
So we can cuddle with each while watching the scary parts. The movie we would watch is called 'Rings' the latest addition to the Ring series.

Well that's all for this week's Sunwoo Sunday! I hope you all enjoyed it. What did you think of my movie date with Sunwoo?

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I loved your date!
@sukkyongwanser Thank you!
@ColorMeKihyun Yes! He's my UB 😍
Omg I've been thinking of having an outdoor theater type thing, my house is white so I could just project the movie without the sheet and have some friends over and some snacks and watch movies, that would be awesome! This will give me some ideas. Man I love your date night ideas and stuff, it's great and sounds so fun I love it! 😁
@SerenaArthurs Thank you! Awesome! let me know how it turns out. It will be a great Summer activity too