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I really adore this performance so much, especially since Very Good was one of the first songs I heard by Block B. The boys, including Wooseok, all do a great job performing this song!!!

I have never really been a big fan of this song, but Wooseok does a great job in this performance and I really enjoy and like his version, and I hope you all do too!

Ok honestly, this is just a really great performance in general, and a very very catchy song.

I really like this stage, plus I really like the music in Wake Up. Like I might have to make this my alarm for me to wake up to from now on...

I am literally just trash for these outfits. I wish that our marching uniforms were as nice as these in high school. I probably would have stayed in band. I also really like the dance break. All in all I just really like this performance.

So, this is my favorite song currently by the boys. This is a really great song and probably their catchiest song that I have listened to. The music video to this song is also fantastic, but this performance video is great! I also really adore their outfits!

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Awesome performance 😍