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Que tal peeps!

It took a bit but I found a character that has an array of super powers that I would and his personal story kinda fits mine.

Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho

Find out more about his background here
However in short he is half ice and half fire demon. He was born to his mother who is of the ice clan. Her mating with a male from the fire clan is forbidden, so he was displaced. He was nicknamed the forbidden child. He often felt alone and misunderstood until he came across his crew.

He has so many powers I will list the ones I would like.

Fire power

Now not just normal fire or fire as mortals know it. Just like Hiei I would like to have power over mortal fire but as well as fire from another realm.

Fist of the Mortal Flame: Hiei surrounds his fist in a fire from the human world and pummels his opponent close range.

Mortal Flame Flamethrower: Hiei uses the Mortal Flame for a ranged attack to burn his opponent.

Black Dragon Wave: Hiei's most powerful technique that can only be done in his Jaganshi form. Hiei summons multiple dragons to cause massive destruction and can fully control who the dragons attack.

I love dragons and anything associated with fire. Fire is my spiritual element.

*Note source is link above*

Telepathy x Telekinesis x Mind Control

These powers alone are awesome, but put together plus fire power creates a powerful motha...shut ya mouth lol!

While I'm not big on the random 3rd eye I would want the power. So I would have the power with the the eye ball thing.

Jagan Eye: Hiei's third eye in his forehead gives him telepathy, telekinesis, and mind control powers.
Never underestimate the ones who may be different or come off cold.