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Hey guys! Let's start off the event for this week! Today's card is about why we like each member. So here we go~


This loser was my first bias in Monsta X. He was beautiful and he was so good at dancing and his arms are lovely. I love him not only because he looks so good, but also because of the way he just acts. He's adorably oblivious and he is so calm.


*tries to resit saying how attractive this man is* ... *fails* ... Okay, how can anybody not talk about his sexiness? He is also soft though. His heart is warm and he is super cute.


I can relate to Kihyun pretty well. As in I also tend to be a jerk. Well I'm a jerk most of the time, but that's not what we are talking about. Kihyun may be a but of a meanie, but he is also ridiculously cute. When I think of him, I always think of the episode of X-Ray with the kids and he makes friends with one.


Okay. This guy is just a dork and that's all I can describe him as. He's random af. He's just weird for no other reason but to be weird. He's a soft little dork who could steal your heart if you aren't careful.


Little sunshine. So cute and adorable. How could one not love his energy and excitement. He's always ready for anything. He can pick up any situation and make it fun. He's just lovely.


Watch yourself Hyungwon. You need to calm down. Now. Memewon *cough cough* I mean Hyungwon, is a lovely sight to behold. What made me first realize that he was my bias wrecker was when I watched the self cam versions. He does cute little things that I thought were super adorable. He was also playing around with stuff just to see what would happen and I just loved it.


Jooheon. What else can I say? He's perfect. He's cute. He's attractive. He's sweet. He's soft. He's a little scaredy cat. He's just all around lovely and I adore him. He's my ultimate bias wrecker for a reason~~

I hope you enjoyed this card! I'll see you guys throughout the week for the event!

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Blonde Jooheon is so cuteeee
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