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I'm way way late on this as usual so forgive me, but I just heard (former) Miss A's Jia's solo debut song and I have such weird feelings.

First off, I love Jia. Since day one, with that pink hair, she's been my fav.

So when I heard she had a solo song (literally today haha it came out so long ago) I was really excited! I've never really been into music in Chinese simply because the sounds just sound a little harsh to me. Just like when I first heard Korean, I think my ears just need to adapt.

But since they haven't yet, the song was a little bit hard to get into UNTIL THE CHORUS. Something about the sound right as the chorus starts GETS TO ME.

Its a really cool sound I've never really heard before and I love it when music sounds really new to me.

Anyway, its worth at least one listen! Enjoy!

Here's the dance version:

What do you think?

Omg! I went on Spotify to see if this song was on there and it is! It's so funny because Spotify recommended it to me about 1 week ago (I remember the album cover) but I skipped over it deciding I didn't care to much about it. Haha! I really like the song now!
Thanks for the share. I have not heard about this (I'm usually late to the game always). The chorus is catchy.