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Our anticapation is finally ease a little with the preview of episode 13 and whats to come, but it left me dying to know more about it. Check the video out and below I'll put the translation which is also provide from the owner of the video, so all credit goes to the owner. Translation: Se Yeon together with Do Hoon as she is holding onto his hand... Se Yeon : Can you stay together with me tonight? At the Jo residence, Kwang Mn is updating Chairman Jo about Min Hyuk's events... Kwang Min : It seems like recently Min Hyuk is looking into the investigations of that case again...and it most probably revolves around some woman... At the TGIF restaurant, inside the workers' changing room... Min Hyuk asks Yoo Jeong : Are you trying to avoid and escape from me like you always do? (Then he gently grasps her hand). At home, Yoo Jeong is talking to her friend with the curly hair...(sorry, I can't recall what her name is)... Yoo Jeong : It's because lately, I keep thinking about that person (referring to Min Hyuk) Her friend : If you're always entangled with someone like that, it's only natural that this will happen...Do you want to continue being entangled with him? (she's trying to rationalize the reason why Min Hyuk is constantly in Yoo Jeong's mind). Min Hyuk's confrontation with Do Hoon... Min Hyuk : Perhaps as compared to the hit and run accident, because this is a more recent case, it will be easier to gather a lot of evidence regarding this. (I think Min Hyuk is referring to the recent case leading to YJ's father's death). Kwang Min picks Yoo Jeong up at her house and brings her to the Jo Residence... Kwang Min calls out to her : Kang Yoo Jeong shi.... At the dining table where Chairman Jo, his wife, Do Hoon and Se Yeon are gathered... Chairman Jo : Lawyer An, I heard that you know a way to deal with this woman... credit: peaches_2280@soompi SO, what are you thoughts on this preview? Go ahead and share it on the comments below! I'll have to say is that something HUGE is going down on this episode considering the dad is back now! @MasriDaniela as promised I tag you, hope you like it. :) @nylamrehs @christy Hope you guys enjoy it too, I know that you guys are as addicted to it like I'm as well. Hahaha. Peace. :)
@evelynmendoza14...thanks for the recap...
@Masri @christy no problem :) I really can't wait for the next episode to see what's going to happen!!! ><
@nylamrehs @christy @evelynmendoza14 lol mee too can't wait *-*
@dana.. yeah.. super excited!! ^^
@evelynmendoza14 oh great chingu for ur gift .thanks a lot
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