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Hello beautiful ARMY!! Violet here bringing you your regularly scheduled Jimin Card ! In honor of BTS getting invited to the BBMAs, this week we are chosing our favorite red carpet looks and sharing them with you guys! So without further ado, here are my top Jimin red Carpet looks! ♡

BONUS: Favorite BTS red carpet look! ♡

(He's so handsome !! ♡.♡)

And that concludes this weeks theme card! What were some of your favorite Jimin red carpet looks?? ♡


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does anyone else think this also counts as a progresion from baby jimin to I'm gonna kill you with one look jimin
Hahaha it is !! Lol lowkey did that on purpose 😂 Glad you noticed !
He always looks SO yummy, but dang, red carpet takes it up to new levels!
I can't wait to see what he'll actually wear that day 😍
Oh my gosh!! Same !!!! Im sure they'll look super handsome 😍😍😍
He looks great!