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Que tal peeps!

Yall know these two right here is my all!! Sesshomaru is the hubby but Inuyasha on the side ya heard!! Yasss!

"But Kagome is with Inuyasha and Rin will be Sesshomaru later" (In whiny voice).

Naw never they all mine don't ever bring them tricks up!

Even Sesshomaru don't want to hear that ish!

Tell em baby!

lol Any ways lets get back to my boos....

Reasons why these are the one for me....

1. Vain reasons....

These yokai are smexy. There unique looks is what caught my attention!

2. Royal Blood

These two come from a well respected bloodline! That would be great to be in that family. Plus our children would be powerful!

3. Speaking of power....

They are powerful alone but unstoppable together. We will have to work on the team work though!

5. Drama

There would never be a dull moment with these two. They always throwing shade!
bad not baf sorry guys
Inuyasha: From 1 to 10 well if 10 is baf than 11