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So, this is the song that fully got me into Monsta X. The instant I heard this song, I fell in love, and this was still when I wasn't even into Monsta X. I had two songs in my kpop playlist, and that was all. This is literally the song that started it all for me and our boys! "I'm losing my mind, but you're still bright. I wanna look somewhere else but you steal my eyes, I'm running out of breath." Literally this is my favorite line out of this song (I know I'm biased) and I still fangirl everytime I hear I.M take the breath at the end of this part. Everytime.
I also really like the outfits in this music video and I am a sucker for the dance. I have been wanting to learn the entire dance for a while now, but I really only have the chorus somewhat down. This is a really great song and I wish it would get noticed more, because when a lot of my friends think of Monsta X, Hero is the first song that comes to mind.