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Hi guys, its time for another anime give day on Man Crush Monday...Brother Edition! So who else to pick for this day

The Elric Brothers!

I really love Edward and Alphonse they're my favorite guys in the show other than Curnel Mustang and every other character (mainly Ms. Armstorng xD)

There maybe some spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen this anime.

The story is about two boys, who try to bring their mother back to life after she had died, and there father is no where to be found, in the mean time they're being taken care of by their childhood friend Winry and her Grandmother. For a long time they read books that their father left behind "Alchemy" and had study up os they know how to bring their mom back. Unforinatlly it didn't go as plan. They didn't think about equilvalent exchange, they thought they had everything to make their mom come back to life, but in order to create life, you must give something in return, which cost Alphosne life and Edwards Left Leg, but he didn't want to be all alone so he performed another attempt to bring his brother back and it took his right arm, and his brother is now in a suit of Armer. The entire serie they try to learn everything they can of how to get their bodies back while being apart of the military of being a state alchemist given the title Fullmetal Alchemist.

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

So Who is Your Man Crush That Are Brothers?

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