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BTS Will Officially Be Attending THE BBMAs ! ♡
(BTS Community Weekly Extended)

Quick update!! It is confirmed by both parties (Bighit & Billboard) that BTS will be walking the red carpet in the U.S for the VERY first time!!!!!

☆ You can read the full article HERE ! ☆

I am SO very proud and excited!! The BBMAs is Sunday May 21st 2017 , be sure to check it out! *Fingers crossed for BTS to be added to the performance line up! *


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I'm going to be fighting my dad for the remote come 21st 😂😂
5 months ago·Reply
5 months ago
A day after my birthday, time to hog the tv. 😂
5 months ago·Reply
Yay!!! I was so proud of them when I found out! I wish I could hug them and congratulate them! They truly deserve this!
5 months ago·Reply
My mom is planning on watching it with me on the big flat screen just for BTS. 🙌 PKM (Praise Kpop Moms)
5 months ago·Reply
Yay!! Same here my mom is a pretty huge kpop fan 😄😄😄
5 months ago
I live in Vegas and Im really hoping I can go to the red carpet. But it's on Sunday.
5 months ago·Reply
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...and support!
5 months ago