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Hey guys! Today is the second day of our event and the theme is our favorite mv and why. Let's go~

It's hard for me to pick a favorite of anything. However, I knew my favorite mv would have to be one of the self cam versions because I adore them. They get to be stupid and do random things and it's super cute.

So, for my favorite mv, I have to pick...

Roller Coaster

I just love the boys in this video. I also like the place they are at. I don't even know where they are at, but still. They are all ridiculously cute in this one. They do these stupid random things and it's the best.

Thank you guys! What's your favorite Monsta X music video?

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I literally just watched this video, before I logged into Vingle! This is such a great video!
This is really cute and I didn't know that this was your favorite video!