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I am very proud to belong to this Fandom..I am also very proud of our boys because they have come so far, I still remember when they would introduce themselves in every show and wear their names..even when they where known already. This is how humble this kids are..they don't really proud themselves of how much they have accomplished, instead they keep working hard believing they will do best next time even if they have won so many awards so far..that to me even if might not be what they have expected it is at least what I expected..and I am PROUD..AND I LOVE EACH ONE OF THEM Is hard to be bias with these 7 ANGELS Who are GOT7 And too ADD they have us who kind of mirror them and act like them..we rarely have ever had conflicts or problems with other famdoms..and we be friendly with them like the BOYS are friendly with others..Not for NOTHING We have been awarded best fandom before.. ..

Is Ahgase The Beat Fa dom Ever?⬇️

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