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Hello everyone!

This week we are taking a look at what music video was the first to draw me into the group.
(Plus some other MVs/songs I like!)

You can comment and tell me which MV or song got you into B.A.P too! I would love to know!

1004 (Angel) was the MV/song that got me into B.A.P. I had seen Oneshot before it but upon first listen Oneshot wasn't my jam, after I got into them with 1004 I went back and I liked it the second time around!

When did I first hear of B.A.P?

Well I watched Yongguk and Zelo's Never Give Up and I loved Zelo in it! He was my original bias so then I checked out BAP because of him!

What's my favorite MV/song so far?

I'd have to say Wake Me Up is my favorite MV/song at the moment. Previously Skydive held the title and before that Coma held the title.
(I'm including all three videos/songs!)

Don't forget to tell me your MV/song that got you into B.A.P!!

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can you add me! B.A P was my first k-pop group
Yes we can!!!
Body & Soul was the first song and it honestly knocked me on my ass. For the longest time I just listened to their song w/o actually knowing the members. My favorite voice was always the deep one which I originally thought was Himchan lol. Anyway my fav MV would probably have to be Skydive and Oneshot.
😂😂 We all got knocked on our ass didn't we?
I got into BAP because I had a song stuck in my head and I was trying to figure out where I heard it from , turns out it was One Shot and then I looked up more videos and Warrior got me into BAP! 😊
Warrior is really good!!!