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Anime: Charlotte
Yuu Otosaka and Shunsuke Otosaka
>u< sorry if i talk a lot about this anime in my other cards but i recently rewatch this anime and they where the first ones that came to mind...(^w^) ahhhh!!! look at those smirks (^o^)!
okay...lets start off with.....(n_n) Yuu Otosaka....he's pretty cool and i really like his ability of looting....but he's cute and yet....he's not that smart but his ability come in handy in that area but other then that he is awesome then we have his older brother Shunsuke Otosaka that he meet later on.....
Shunsuke Otosaka ability is time leaping; being able to go back into the past and alter the outcome of events. To activate this ability, both of his eyes need to be revealed to light. Shunsuke was eventually unable to use this ability due to excessive time travel, making him go blind. Im not going to lie.....but he has the cuties smile and he's hotter β™‘//w//β™‘ then yuu ^////^ fangirling over here hahaha >///<
either both ways their both cute in their own ways *w*
well, thanks for reading this card and may u have a great day XD
this anime was too rushed in the ending
I cri sob sob ;-;
@qold 😒 i feel ya