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this is a picture of them from earlier that day (170505) so you can see their outfits are the same^^

So, my Friday was a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be LOL

Originally I was just going to have a chill picnic on Friday (it was a holiday in Korea) then get coffee with a new friend, but two members of Monsta X decided to crash the party.

I was waiting for my friend at the subway station exit and saw two guys pull up on a bike next to me. I looked at the first guy and he looked SO FAMILIAR but I couldnt remember where I knew him from. Then I looked at the second guy and HE WAS SO FAMILIAR TOO and then suddenly it clicked and I realized they were in Monsta X. My video was a little late so you can only see their profiles but I'm sure Monsta X fans can tell who they are :)

Turns out Startship's building is nearby so they were probably just taking a break and enjoying the nice weather :)

Are either of them your biases? My coworker is a TOTAL Minhyuk stan but she was still dying of jealousy hahaha

Lol Jooheon was just learning how to drive that bike that day (someone that knows him posted it on ig). I think that's why they looked awkward. :D How exciting! Need to watch this video 100 more times.. this video was so clear.
yeah it looked it he was new to the bike LOL!! thats so funny!!
this is why I'm going to leave Australia and live in Korea XD ...well not really but its one of the many reasons why I plan to 😂
yup I'm sold! I'm moving to Korea. I'm moving to the R.O.K. I'm gonna breath that same air as JooHeon sometimes does, when he's not wearing a mask or touring the world... his side profile made me happy.. lol. I'm psycho.. i need help
I love this so much because the instant I saw Jooheon I was just like "that's Jooheon, and I believe I.M." I would have been fangirling hardcore. That's so neat that you saw them!
I.M was totally my bias I hope one of these days I can see them. If I'm either visiting Korea or going to Kcon. But Jooheon is my bias wrecker. I've seen this photo on ig.
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