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Soooo.... I thought I'd mix it up and show our Shindong some MCM love. He is an inspiration to me, personally, because he proves you don't have to be an Adonis to reach your goals and be pretty kick ass. His singing, dancing, sense of humor, and knack for variety and hosting made me more confident in myself. Plus he's a total cutie that will, without warning, pull the suave out on you. Psssst... I also love his hands.... they just exude manliness...

So without further ado, I present my MCM subject: Shindong

omg I'm squealing he's so precious!

love you too, you adorable butter bean!

Come here, I'll hug you, darlin!

And there goes the suave... from butter bean to butter me up... Ask me for anything, it's yours.

Y'all be sure to show this precious man some love whenever you can!

Super Junior Mod Squad 4.0

We actually call him Fluffy at my house. And yes, we have nicknames for about 1/3 of the idols.
that's so cute!! i love it
This little butterball of fluff!!!!
yasssss he's the precious butter bean!!