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Okay I know its been a long time, hiatus for a while with Coffee Break, but picking it back up !
Layla’s view After our hiking trip everyone separated once more. Yoongi and Keri had left to go back to her house, Mia had dropped kookie off and headed off and I had stayed with Tae and the boys driving back to the dorm. I spent the night with Tae, cuddled in his arms. The next couple days the guys were busy preparing for their next comeback. I didn't get to see Tae that much for a week straight, but he did make up for it by constantly sending me texts. I actually felt bad for Mia since she just started going out with Kookie ever since the hiking trip. I sat in Keri’s house with Mia as the three of us talked about random things, finally I asked an important question, at least to me it was important. “Hey Keri, when are you going to see Yoongi next?” I asked. “Hmm, probably tomorrow, they will be in the studio for a while so I was going to bring coffee and lunch to them” she said. “Really? Do you think I can join you? I haven't seen Tae since our hiking trip” I said making her laugh “That was last weekend. You haven't seen him in a week?” She giggled. “Oh even I've seem kooki in the last week, he came by the cafe the other day to see me” Mia said, blushing a little. “He came to dance practice with me too” she added. I had to pout. “You two get to see them more than I do now” I said which made them both laugh. “Than come with me tomorrow, I'm sure Tae will be happy to see you” Keri said. “I think I will. Surprise visit” I said. “What about you Mia? You want to come?” Keri asked her. “I would if I didn't have to work. Sorry Keri” Mia sighed. “Its alright next time, maybe when I go for a later visit you could come” she suggested. “That sounds like a plan” she grinned. After that we talked more before me and Mia left Keri. I came back the next day a bit before noon, just as Keri was heading out. “Your here! Good, I though I would text you from the coffee shop if you didn't make it here in time” she smiled at me. We headed to the coffee shop and picked up almost a dozen different drinks, which we waited for patiently. “I swear they see me enter, hold up either 1 finger or sign a dozen, they know even before I tell them now” Keri laughed. “What are the extra ones for?” I asked. “Well for the most part they have a couple extra people hanging around, or I end up having them as I watch them practice. I rarely have more than 2 for myself though” she laughed. “Well that's good. They are active boys with lots of friends” I laughed.
By the time we got to the studio Keri waved to the door man, handing him a cup of coffee and heading inside. We passed a man that Keri knew and stopped to talk to briefly, he looked familiar, but just in the sense I've seen him a few times. Keri handed him a dozen coffee and than we moved on. “Keri who was that?” I asked. “Oh that was their manager. You've seen him before haven't you?” She asked. “I've seen him around several times. Hey is that there room?” I pointed to the door I just saw a person I recognized enter. “The room Jin just went into?” Keri chuckled. “Oh yea” she confirmed. We both went to the room and I knocked on the door, keri entered right away and I followed. Music was blaring and three of them were in the middle of working. I scanned over them all to see Tae messing around with Kooki. “Hello boys!” keri called out which brought all attention to the two of us standing there. “Hello ladies” Jimin greeted as he walked up to us. His arm went around Keri’s waist and his other went around mine. “They weren't fast enough to get to you” Jimin said cheekily. He pressed a kiss to Keri’s cheek and was about to do the same to me when he was shoved away. “My girlfriend!” Tae said wrapping an arm over my shoulder and pulling me to him. Jimin just held onto keri instead. “Possessive much” Jimin said even as he grinned. I looked at Tae who was holding into me and  smiling at me now. “I didn't expect you to be coming” he said surprised. “Well keri was coming and thought it would be a good chance to see you” I said. “Hey Layla, here's a packed lunch, you two go off on your own for a bit” keri said winking at me “Thanks Keri!” Tae said taking the bento box and pulling me out the door. “Where are we going?” I asked following him. “ not to far away” he said. “I've missed you this week Layla” Tae nipped at my ear. Tae found a quiet room and we went in. When he shut the door I couldn't control myself, pulling on his shirt I brought him closer so I could kiss him, Tae eagerly accepted the kiss and deepened it more. By the time we came apart my breath was coming out heavy and my legs were shaking. “I've missed this feeling” tae groaned as he pressed his forehead against mine. “I have too” I said. “I'm glad you came today” he said which made me laugh “I had to sneak a visit in to see you otherwise I feared I wouldn't see you for a while” I said. I felt his stomach vibrate against mine and giggled. “Hungry much?” I joked. “Starved, I haven't eaten since before my run this morning” he said. “Seven am?” I asked and he nodded. “Oh gosh you should be starved” I pulled away. I went to the table and opened up the Bento box to see that there was rice and chicken with sauce. “Chicken teriyaki keri said she was going to experiment with a few dishes” Tae said coming up behind me “this one has shrimp in this one” he said opening another box up. My stomach made a little noise saying it wanted some food. We sat down and ate as we talked about anything that happened over the last week. It lasted all the way until namjoon came to collect Tae. I left shortly after that with keri.


I haven't been active on Vingle much lately but I have never clicked so fast on a notification. I'm so glad you updated, your the primary reason why I ever check on here occasionally to see if you've posted a new chapter. 😅😅😅
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I completely understand, writing can take so much time to do especially if you're having a hard time finding your flow, it's like you finish, reread it then change your mind and either revise, rewrite or say I don't wanna it's good enough. I do definitely love this story I've missed their shinanigans.
This was a nice visit with old friends. them and you! I haven't been to active lately either, I was happy I can across this.
aw cute!!!