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Finally coming back around with updating stories! This is just a short Lil bit this time, and my lovely Co writer Sarah shall pick up the gauntlet soon enough, and hope you get a chuckle out of this one.

The girl was pacing back and forth in front of the stuffed animals in the store blocking Eliza's view of the choices. "Don't you have enough stuffed  animals?" Jin asked looking curiously at her. Eliza gaped. "I could never have enough!/ she exclaimed which made Jin chuckle. "Alright which one do you want, I'm only getting you one though " Jin said pointedly "But but, I want Tigger,  I want pooh bear, and piglet" Eliza looked crest fallen. "What about Eor? " Jin asked.  "I already have him" Eliza said. "One less to choose over then" he laughed ruffling her hair. "Go with pooh bear" he suggested. "And piglet?" She fluttered her eyes at him With a long drawn out sigh he nodded making her squeal in delight. "Since your imitating piglet it only seems fitting" Jin teased. "Excuse me can I ask your opinion?" The girl asked all of a sudden stopping and turn to us. "Uh okay" Eliza gave her a curious look. "I'm trying to get a gift for someone and I don't know which one to pick" she said. "Is it for a birthday or a kid?" Jin asked.  "No uh it is for a patient at a hospital, kind of I'm sorry I broke your bone" she hedged making Eliza's eyes widen. "Stuffed animal will put a smile on her face" Jin said. "Yea, well I didn't mean to, we were going out and she accidently ran into me then I pushed her away. She fell on the street after bouncing off a light post and broke her arm when she fell" the girl told the tale. "Wow, that's quite a story" Eliza said thinking it sounded like something that would happen to her. "I want something that is funny and cheer her up" she said. "Hmm take Jin with you, his old man humor will do the trick " Eliza joked, Jin draped an arm over her shoulders and squeezed her shoulder as if saying I'm not going anywhere. "How about the dalmatian with a bone? " Jin recommended "Oh thats a good one!" Eliza agreed, "and as an added bonus you can say at least you still have a funny bone " Eliza clapped her hands happy to contribute something "I don't know about that, I'll think about it" she said picking up the dalmatian "but I like this one   Thanks for the help" the girl said and left us. "Don't you dare think it" Eliza glared at him but he was already smiling and chuckling. "For that your getting me a dalmatian too" she said picking one up and then pooh bear and piglet holding them close to her chest. "Okay you can say it since your buying me animals" Eliza sighed. "I can see that scenerio happening to you Eliza, Belle pushing you and you hitting the street lamp and bouncing " he was laughing openly about it, almost bent over with laughter. "Yea yea, thankfully I have never broken a bone.  I may be a klutz but my bones  are steel" Eliza grinned. Jin paid for my stuffed animals and we headed out of the shop. "You know if you ever do get hurt, I'll be there to take care of you" Jin commented as she walked next to him. "Thanks Jin, that's sweet of you" Eliza softened as she looked at him, all of a sudden her heart was pounding  in her chest. He just had to go and be sweet.

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Jin is the sweetest!