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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.


After Mintaek had left, you thought for sure he'd come back the next day. You couldn't believe the Mark was actually gone, you were back on Earth and he left you with Digit. Earth wasn't his home there was no way he would be so selfish as to trap him here. You expected him to come back; every day that passed you were expecting him to come back out of the whirlpool and come take you back. You tried to stay strong for Digit but he could feel it, you felt lonely. You felt abandoned. This was a much different feeling than when he said he'd release you for three years. You were always walking around with Mintaek in you. You two were connected, you knew when he was watching you, you knew when he was close but now you just felt nothing and you actually didn't like it. You hated it, it was like living with a gap in your teeth for years and the moment you get the gap fixed your tongue tries to push through where the gap was only to be blocked off. It was like taking the same road to school every day for three years and one day the road gets blocked so you have to take the back route. It was something you couldn't avoid but it was in plain sight. It was like it was bragging that you now had changed, that everything you were used to and loved (and hated) was now dead and gone. It disappeared; it didn't exisit. You half expected to wake up and find that for the past four weeks you had just been asleep. You and Digit ended up crashing with your parents and every day you woke up to them you realized you kind of missed that annoying combination of red and gold streaming the hallways and your bedroom. You missed the double king sized bed that made you and Mintaek feel like ants in it. You missed waking up to seeing him come out of the bathroom with no shirt on and his sweat pants slightly clinging to his waist and looking at you with sad eyes because you continued to say you hate him. You resisted him, you didn't want him around and you didn't trust him. All of those things had pushed him away and finally he gave you what you had wanted for so long. He took back his Mark.

You thought you wanted this.

You had lived with it so long that being without it felt too strange. It was unnatural. Your parents tried to distract you, your brothers, namely Johnny, tried to get you drunk and Digit stayed silent almost the entire time. He didn't talk about Mintaek, he didn't volunteer information about what they talked about on the beach. He didn't even seem to wonder why he suddenly took back his Mark when he had said just that day that Digit was their son. You couldn't get your head around it and the more upset you got at him for leaving so abruptly the more you tried to figure out how to open the whirlpool to get back to him and kick his ass for leaving you. It was the exact opposite of how you felt three years ago. You couldn't wait to get out of his arms and now you just wanted back in. How could that have happened in only a week? Maybe it was the idea that you two would have a child but that made it sound selfish. You only wanted him because of the little girl you saw? It wasn't true, it just gave you hope. Janera expected you back; you wondered how you would get back to her to learn about your powers. Thought projection was still a hard power to learn but it was very powerful and you were getting better at conjuring things and getting yourself from one place to another with your subconcious. You just needed more concentration.

You woke up this morning remembering that Tetra's number was in the back of one of your spell books. You thought about the spell that Janera told you not to forget and the flower that she had given you to use in the potion. You left it in your room at the Society. How could you have gone through all of that for it to all just end right here? You wanted to cuss out Mintaek for days. After all the years that you had begged for a release and he just now decides out of the blue that he wants to give that to you. Was it because you couldn't give him a baby? Was it something the Grand Elders said to him before you three left? What the hell was it? Why did he leave you.

Why now did he take back his Mark?

You called up Tetra and she had you meet in the woods. Digit came with you but you had him sit on the side lines so that he didn't get hurt or anything. You honestly didn't want him too involved with how yours and Mintaek's relationship worked out. He had already latched onto you two as parents which made you wonder if he knew anything about your future together. He didn't seem worried in the least. Or did he give Mintaek the idea to leave you and take back his Mark? That made you annoyed but you weren't angry at him you were more like trying to figure out what happend and why he did it. You wanted the truth.

"Alright lovely, can you imagine yourself with him?" she said.

You nodded.

"Picture his face and focus on what you want. What do you want Y/n?"

"The truth." you whispered.

The truth about why he left. You wanted to know why he did this to you, why he took it back.

"Feel it Y/n. Feel him. Focus on it and take yourself too him." she said.

Tetra was a calm teacher she was far older than you, shereminded you of an old Romanie lady but she knew what she was talking about. Still her tactics confused you and it made it harder for you to use your powers sometimes. You weren't sure if you were doing it right. You were just focusing on trying to figure out why Mintaek decied to run out on you and Digit. Why the hell was he being so selfish?

"Aren't you the one being selfish Y/n?"

You opened your eyes suddenly and saw an all white room. You looked around and then saw her face.

"Janera?" you said shocked.

She chuckled,

"You sound surprised."

"Well that's because I wasn't looking for you I was looking for Mintaek. Besides I didn't even think I could get here." you said.

She smiled,

"Well now you know you can and for the record, you were looking for me. I am the Domain of life and death but what you were seeking was truth and I am the embodiement of truth."

"So you can tell me why Mintaek decided to act like a bitch and run with his tail between his legs?"

"You confuse me, which is why I can sympathize with Mintaek."

"Sympathize?" you said insulted.

She nodded with a soft smile on her face,

"You've been telling him for years you didn't make the choice to be his Marker. You wanted him to take the Mark back and set you free yet the moment he does it you get upset at that. He's finally given you what you wanted why are you looking for him? Why question it? You wanted this."

"I didn't want to be alone." you said upset.

"You're not alone, you have Digit."

"What so that entire future that you showed me, what it just doesn't even exist?"

"I showed you a possible future Y/n not the only future. A future where you and Mintaek are ruling side by side. Happy and in love with both your children. I never said it was the only outcome."

"Well what's the other outcome?" you asked.

She raised her head a little more, almost like she was passing judgment on you. She was right, you didn't like it when truth looked you directly in the eyes. You watched her turn around and wave her hand in front of her. A black door appeard in the middle of the endless white room. She turned to look back at you, a soft smile still lingered on her face. You looked at her and then said,

"What's that?"

"The answer to your question. Open it." She said.

You stared at her for a moment and then walked up to the door. You turned the knob and opened it up to see all of the Society and the world connected to it in ruins. Black smoke lingered everywhere. Wolves were dead and on the ground mixed in with Vampires and Fae. The world looked destoryed, the three bodies had warred, clashed and collided. They had destoryed each other, most of it anyway. A wolf limped with one paw perched up being unable to use it at all. Finally, being too weak to stay in the wolf form any longer, it shifted back to a human form. You covered your mouth and forced the tears to stay in when you saw it was Digit. You wanted to deny it, how could he get so hurt, why would you let this happen? You turned to see the Society ablaze. The screams you recognized as Mintaek's came from it. You ran towards the sound trying to see it more. You could hear him crying and everything around him burning.

"Y/NNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed your name in utter pain.

There you looked at the scene of you covered in blood, in his arms surrounded by fire.

"Mintaek!" you called to him.

The fire became bigger and started to spread.

"Mintaek stop it! You'll burn this enitre world to the ground!" you yelled.

His pain only grew, his tears wouldn't stop; he huffed and growled. He had blood on him, there was blood on your lips like he attempted to bring you back. He had tried and failed. He had nothing left. He lost his Mark.

"Mintaek stop!" You screamed.

He didn't stop, the world would turn to ash, it wouldn't survive. Nothing would survive.

"Stop!" you screamed.

The fire grew and blew towards you, all you could do was shield yourself from the flames. You were back in the white room, suddenly pushed out the door and ending that horrific image; you dropped to your knees crying.

"How is that even a future. He'll destory everything." You said.

"He could. Losing someone you love is hard to handle. It's even harder to handle when it's a brutal and violent death. A person that loses a loved one that way wonders what could they have done to save you. They'd want you back. They'd beg for you to come back and when you didn't they'd blame themselves. Destroy themselves. In the middle of their self destruction, those around them will suffer as well. Someone as powerful as the Prince, whose anger activates his fire, is a very dangerous man. A person can die from a broken heart but when a Vampire goes they expect to take people with them." she said.

You sniffed and wiped away the tears. His cries were utterly heartbreaking, you'd never heard so much pain before. She said that Mintaek loves you before. You loved him, you do love him.

"I don't want that future."

"You don't have to have it. You can have the first one I showed you." she said.


"Love him. Love him like he's the first, last and everything. Work with him, trust him. Go back home to him." she said.

"I don't know how. He took his Mark back I have no connection to him I don't know how to open the whirlpool I don't know how to get there."

"Humans can sense when their loved one is hurt or angry. They do not use Marks to tell them how their partner feels they just feel it. Mintaek and you are connected, with and without the Mark. Feel Mintaek, remember him and don't call the whirlpool to open up the Society. Call the whirlpool to take you to him, to take you home." she said.

You weren't even sure you knew what home was anymore. You loved being home with your brothers and your parents but honestly you missed Mintaek. You liked having him looking over your shoulder. You'd become used to his presence. Digit didn't know Earth, he seemed to enjoy learning about it but eventually he too would want to come back home. The Grand Elders wanted you to fight with them. They were preparing for a war, did Mintaek think that this was going to save you? Your heart was racing and you felt hurt.

"Why now? Why do I want him now? I begged him for a year in the Society to let me go and to set me free. I was so excited when he released me for three years and I didn't want to come back to it. I told him I hated him, I fought him, I told him I wanted the Mark gone. So why do I feel incomplete without it."

"Comfort. It's okay to close the door sometimes Y/n but no one likes when it's locked."

You sighed and closed your eyes. When you reopened them, you were in the woods with Tetra. It was already dark out. You looked around,

"Where is Digit?" you asked.

"Here!" he called playfully.

You turned back to see him running up to you. He gave you a hug and you began to pet his head. You stood up and Tetra said,

"What did you see?"

"Janera." you put simply.

She looked at you oddly. Digit looked up at you and said,

"Does that mean we're going back now?"

You nodded,

"Yeah buddy, we're going back now." you said.

Tetra looked at you as Digit headed off in front,

"The triple eclipse is coming soon." she said.

"I don't even know where to being to find the Fae." you said.

"If Janera gave you the answer to get home then Janera can give you the answer to find your roots." she said.

You nodded and followed behind Digit. The thing was, Janera only gave you the answer to getting back to Mintaek. It was a follow your heart kind of thing. You needed to stop questioning it. You needed to stop second guessing how you felt, it was quiet obvious that you wanted him. You pushed him away because you didn't have the choice to take the Mark but you had it anyway. The bond had been made, you had loved him before. When he saw you reading about China and the terracotta warriors, the first time he kissed you, the day he brought you a bunch of roses so red you thought you were being hypnotized. Mintaek was someone you talked seriously with, you told him about wanting a family, wanting kids. You wanted real things with each other. You took Digit and led him back to the garden and you two stood in front of the Whirlpool. You took in a deep breath and closed your eyes. You wanted to see Mintaek, you wanted him. You wanted the Whirlpool to open to the Society, you wanted to go back. You wanted him to give it back. A month without him and his Mark and you felt such a disconnect. You could see his icy bue eyes, his all black suit, his big hands touching your face, his long fingers coming up to your lips. His lips meeting yours in a soft kiss, his goodbye. You awakened your senses to him and you found yourself on the verge of tears.

"Mintaek." you whispred.

You opened your eyes to see the Whirlpool had opened, you exhaled in surprise. Digit looked up at you.

"What about your family?" he asked.

You looked behind you, you couldn't go back and tell them you were leaving again. You didn't want to leave here at the moment, you were afraid if you did you couldn't open it back up. You sent a mass text to your brothers and your parents.

You: See you next time.

It wasn't something you needed to explain or try to get them to even understand, right now, all you wanted to do was get to him. You picked up Digit and walked through the Whirlpool. You were at the front entrance and the pressure made you come down to your knees. This was a heavier feeling than you were used to. You had his Mark that helped you adjust quickly but you didn't have it anymore.

"Mintaek." you whispered.

Digit stood beside you,

"You can get up on your own. The pressure here is like an illusion. Once you see past it, the trick no longer keeps it's magic." he said.

"You're too smart for your own good kid." you smiled at him.

You calmed yourself and took a deep breath.

Stand up Y/n you can do this just get up.

You lifted your foot and found it easy. You lifted the other one and pushed up against the intense pressure, you refused to go down, you refused to stay here and suffer the pressure of the Society when you needed to save your relationship. You thought back to Mintaek and how he was holding you in that future. All his pain, his rage, everything was being burned down because of him and you. You looked back at the gate keeper.

"Where is he?" you said.

He looked at you with no response. You huffed, he didn't talk much anyway. You moved down the hall holding Digit's hand as you two made it down there. Hyun Jung came walking in from the left, she had her hair on her shoulder again but this time it wasn't in a ponytail. She had a red shirt with over exaggerated sleeves and black pants. She wore a red silk choker and her hands hung in her pockets. The black boots she wore made you wonder why she wasn't in a dress. She looked up at you in confusion.

"Did he give you back the Mark?" she asked.

You shook your head.

"You came here on your own or did wolfie do it?" she smiled a big toothy grin at Digit.

Digit was unfazed by the grin and just looked at her.

"I did it, where is he?" you asked.

She looked up at you and sighed; she gave a little shrug and said,

"Honestly I don't know I haven't seen him since he went to speak with the Grand Elders you can go see if he's still there if you want."

You looked down at Digit then back to Hyun Jung,

"Can you watch him?" you asked.

"Really you're back for thirty seconds and already asking for child care?" she said sarcastically.

"Look either you watch him or get Nano to do it but I'd really rather not have him watch this happen." You said.

She grumbled but held her hand out to Digit. Digit let go of your hand and grabbed Hyun Jung's she smiled and said,

"Alright puppy, let's go play. Auntie Hyun Jung will show you how to wield a sword."

"Be careful!" you yelled back at her as they walked off.

You headed up the golden stairs being careful of the red down the middle. You couldn't even smell him anymore, no wolf, no Vampire scent. Your Fae side must've really been asleep. Tetra said the more you used your powers, even for everyday things the stronger you'd become and the more the Fae in you would awaken. You were half way up the steps when you saw Mintaek staring down at you in shock. He stood at the top of the stairs looking like it should've been impossible for you to be back.

"Why?" he whispered.

"I should be asking you the same thing. How could you? Why would you take it back? I waited four weeks for you to come back and get us. You left me." you said upset and hurt.

"After all the years that you've been begging me to take the Mark back, that you hated me, that you didn't want this place to be your home. I gave you what you wanted I wanted you to be happy. Why would you come back?" he said.

"You're right I asked for all of those things but I take it back Mintaek. I'm yours." you said.

He shook his head and looked away.

"I can't keep doing this with you. We loved each other and I destroyed it. You hated me and I seem to do everything to make it worse. You and Digit could be happy on Earth. You'd find someone to marry you and raise Digit with you-"

"You'll marry me." you interrupted.

He looked back at you with wide eyes.

"We've always said it because we've always known it. I'm stubborn and bull headed and extremely emotional but- I love you. Being without your Mark for four weeks has been hell. I could always feel you and then you were just- gone."

"So now you want it back?"

"The first time I didn't get a choice Mintaek. You said if only we were strangers again. Without your Mark it feels like we are and I don't like it. I want you. I'll stop fighting this, I'll submit everything to you just promise me I can see my family when ever I want and I will make the Society my home." you said.

"You hate this place."

"I love you far more than I hate it. I can love it too, I just- I don't think I can survive without you. I need you like an addict needs a drug I just can't be without. I've been losing my mind since that day. I felt my heartbreak when you took it back and then you walked away. Mintaek please."

"It's a curse." he said.

You shook your head and walked up the steps. You came to the step just below him and wiped away your tears.

"It's not a curse. This is my choice now, I know what it is. I know what I'm going into. I know what I'm giving up and what I'm gaining so please Mintaek... Give. It. Back."

You held his hands while you spoke and he slipped them away from you. You looked at him feeling hurt, like you pushed him away. You wanted him to give it back, you were ready. You wanted him to say he loved you too and that he wasn't going to let you go. Your heart felt heavy and it hurt. He lifted your chin with his finger tips and looked you in the eyes. He dipped his head low and he kissed you soft. You lifted your hands to touch his face then wrapped them around his neck. Mintaek deepened the kiss and his inhale sounded more aggresive. He pushed you back against he wall and licked your neck and then came back to your lips issuing a little moan from you. He flitted to your room with you in his arms and locked the door behind him. He pushed you to the bed and ripped your shirt completely off. He came over you and you grabbed him to kiss him, hot and heavy. It was amazing the way he tasted. His fangs came out cutting your lip and letting blood trickle down. He licked it up and proceeded to take off his pants while you undid yours. He pushed your hand away and came up to your mouth.

"Mine." he growled.

"All mine."

You nodded.

He yanked your pants off in a hurry like he'd been waiting for this moment for far too long. He pulled your panties off and left you naked. He alined with you without very little patience and rammed inside of you, filling your walls and making you scream. You gripped the bed and then wrapped yourself around him like a snake when he leaned down to you. He kissed your neck and nuzzled his nose there. He inhaled your scent while he continued to fuck you as hard as he could. He brought his hand to your hair and pulled your head back,

"Tell me what you want." he growled.

"I want you. I want you deeper. Make me cum." you whined.

His eyes were fiercely blue and so beautiful to dive into. He panted while he fucked you, you touched his face and he pinned your arms down. You moaned as he kept going, he dipped his head down to lick your breast. His tongue flicked back and forth on your nipple and he sucked on it , giving it a little nip as he did. He kissed your neck again.

"Do it." you said.

He was hesitant, but his lips kept finding that place. He bit into your neck making you cry out. You squeezed onto him more. His hand went to the back of your head to bring you closer while he drink your blood. Your arm went and wrapped around his neck.

"Mintaek. Fuck!" you said shaking.

The way his cock attacked your walls felt like he was destorying you. He was deep inside of you making it feel twice as amazing as it ever felt before. He grabbed your neck after coming up for a breath and he squeezed lightly. He fucked you faster making you cry.

"I want you to cum for me Y/n. Cum for me baby girl." he growled.

You nodded feeling it coming closer and closer, so much pressure was building up. His thumb came and found your clit to rub in circles and drive you insane. You screamed out your release, arching your back off the bed and sending him into his orgasam to fill you up completely. He stayed inside of you and laid down for a moment, resting his head on your chest while he panted lightly.

"Mark me." you said weakly.

"Are you sure you want to go down that road again?" he said.

You looked up at him and cupped his face in your hands.

"I'm yours. So Mark me."

He swallowed and looked into your eyes to see if you really meant it. It must've killed him to take it back the first time. You felt his regret shortly after he'd given you the mark the first time. You two invested alot of time in each other. This wasn't where it ended for you two. He pecked your lips lightly before he opened his mouth to show his fangs that hadn't gone back in. He bit down on your neck again and it felt so good to feel his teeth in your skin. He sucked on your neck for a while before he came up and said,

"Bare my Mark. The Mark of Oh Mintaek." he said.

You felt that familiar burn on your arm and winced as the Mark returned. You looked down at it and saw his unique symbol on your arm like a scar. You looked up at him and cupped his cheek.

"I love you." you whispered.

"I love you too." he said.

He came down to give you a kiss then said,

"Why didn't you tell me about the baby?"

You looked at him confused.

"The little girl. Janera showed you her." he said.

You sighed and looked to the side in slight disappointment.

"I thought I had changed our future, I thought that she might not exist anymore. It's like when you find out you're pregnant and then miscarry suddenly. You try not to devestate your partner by telling him what he lost before he had it." you said.

"Janera told me to wait for you. I took Digit's advice and when I got back I went to her. She gave me hope that you'd come back but I didn't believe her. I thought you really wanted nothing to do with me. I thought you'd never come back for me because you loved Earth so much." he said.

"I love Earth but I love you and I love Digit and this place is your home too. I still have questions I need answered but I can feel you again and I like that better than that odd loneliness I felt when you let me go."

"The triple eclipse is coming soon Y/n." he said serious.

You nodded.

"I think I need to train outside of the Society though. If I can find the Lost city of Fae I can find the Queen. She had the same power as I do. She can help me control it." you said.

"There's going to be a war."

"I'm not losing you or Digit and that future, with our little girl, I don't want to lose that. The triple eclipse is a power boost for all three kinds which means we're almost at a stalemate but our family is of three bloods. Fae, Wolf and Vampire."

"What are you thinking?"

"Union. Instead of war it's a Union."

"Union as in- Marriage?" he said.

"On Earth, thousands of years back, two kingdoms would setup an arragned marriage as a union between two empires. Today it still happens but it's more for buisness than anything else. Our Union is forbbiden to one but honored by another."

"So you'll really marry me? The man you don't trust?"

"I trusted you before and trust takes time to earn back but we don't have that kind of time. Mintaek, it's not the most romantic purposal but romance is over rated. Marrying you doesn't just mean the Union of three races it means I'm yours forever in life and after. It means that Digit is our son that we love and adore and respect, it means that our little girl will be safe when she's born. You parents saw a better future for you and we've always talked about getting married."

"We have to work together, we can't be at each other's throats." he said

"I'll avoid giving you head if that's what you mean." you smirked.

He chuckled,

"No baby girl I love the way your mouth goes down on me." he said.

He started to move in you, making you shiver and your head rolled back,

"Mintaek." you moaned lightly.

"Marry me." he said.

"Yes." you whispered.

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