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It bothered him, that name. He had heard it before, like a long time ago. After his hyung told him, he searched his memories for that girl's name. Obviously someone insignificant or else he would have known it right off the back. He laid back in his seat. He hadn't had time until they were on the plane going home, to give it any thought. He hadn't any time to give anything any thought.

The conversation him and his noona had the other night, came creeping back in. It had been haunting him ever since she said those words. He closed his eyes thinking about what she said, he felt stupid for acting the way he did, he pounded his heart for not being happier about it. He wanted to call her but it was too late, they were in the air. They would be landing in a little bit.

As he felt the plane land on the ground, all he could think about was going to her right away and telling her how much he does want this, how much he wanted her and the baby, and that he will find a way to keep them safe.

His phone rang.

All he heard was someone crying and saying, he took her.

“What do you mean?” He asked trying to stay calm, “Calm down, explain slowly.”

The voice on the other end took a deep breath, but still sobbing, she said, “We went for a walk, we didn't go far. Someone was following us so we tried to find somewhere to hide, then someone just grabbed her and they drove off. Oh my God, I know it was that manager. I didn't know what to do.” She bursted into tears. “I don't know where he took her.”

When he hung up, the eldest came up behind him, “What's with the face?”

“He has her…” he says slowly, he dropped everything, “The baby.” He shoved his way past everyone, as soon as the door opened, he bolted up the ramp into the terminal, pushing people out of the way. Fans were lined up, ready to greet them. He turned a sharp turn and stayed behind some other passengers walking by, keeping his head down. When he seen he made it outside without being seen, he flagged for a taxi.

As the taxi started to pull away, the driver asked where to go, then there was banging on the trunk. The taxi stopped. Two people jumped in, piling on top of one another.

“Go, Go!!” The eldest said as a horde of fans almost overtook the little taxi.

As they sped away, his hyungs situated themselves to sit properly.

Breathing heavily, the eldest asked first, “why did you say that?”

“Her friend called, said he came and grabbed het” He got his phone out and called the manager. It rang but no answer. He re-dialed until he did answer.

“Don't hurt her. I'll do whatever you want” He said right away.

There was a huff and a deep sigh, “I don't think you'll behave.”

“I WILL! I'll behave, I promise, just bring her back.”

There was silence.

The manager was breathing into the phone, he could hear someone talking in the background, it sounded like a woman's voice. Then all of a sudden, he heard her scream.

“No. You're going to do what I say, just like before, you're going to behave or else…” then he heard his noona scream out again, “Understand?”

The maknae looked at his hyungs, who were watching anxiously wondering what was being said, “I promise.”

“That's a good boy.”