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In Marry Him If You Dare, episode 7, Na Mi Rae(played by Yoon Eun Hye) said to the big Mi Rae(played by Choi Myung Gil) that she was too materialistic and shallow. As the big Mi Rae kept trying to stop Mi Rae from seeing Kim Sin(played by Lee Dong Gun), Mi Rae said, “You’re too materialistic and shallow. There’s a clear difference between us, don’t you think?” She also added, “Yes, I can’t imagine how it is to be poor at the moment. But at least I won’t become like you.” The big Mi Rae was hurt and replied, “Yes, I’m materialistic. But I was like that when I was your age. I had many of dreams as well.”
I didn't watch last 2 episodes yet too. I felt that since last week
@christy ... haven't watched this as yet ... wahhhhh ... so bz today ... will watch both together ... :'(
I can't believe that this ajimma is old mi rae. I think she is a woman wanted to marry kim shin and they to send mi rae away