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In Marry Him If You Dare, episode 7, the big Mi Rae(played by Chi Myung Gil) confused Seo Yoo Kyung(played by Han Chae Ah). The big Mi Rae found out that Yoo Kyung was trying to separated Park Se Joo(played by Jung Yong Hwa) and Na Mi Rae(played by Yoon Eun Hye), and gave her false information about the future. The big Mi Rae said to Yoo Kyung, “I know who you’re future husband is. I saw him in my dream. He’s anchor Kim Sin(played by Lee Dong Gun) who’s seven years older than you.” Yoo Kyung replied, “I don’t believe in fortunetelling. An by the way, wasn’t four years apart the perfect match?” However, Yoo Kyung was actually very confused after hearing that from her.