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Hello my Favorite CandYs. So, if you have been watching, there are many communities participating in a fun event. The Cross Gene community is participating as well.

The Event will start on May 7th and go through May 21st.

These are the Categories:

Fanfic Smut (must have a warning)
Fan Art

◇ Include 'Spring Event' as well as the catagory you are entering in the title of your card.

◇ There is no word limit for fanfics, but please keep it reasonable

◇ Be sure to post in the Fanfic and Cross Gene

◇ Multiple entries/multiple communities are encouraged! 

◇ You may only enter into a community once.

◇ Be sure to tag the the other Moderators, and my squad, so we can read your awesome stories ♡
Judging Criteria:

• must be entered in the correct catagory and this must be stated in the title of the card
• must follow all tagging and publishing guidelines
• must have Spring theme

◇ My team and I will vote on a story for Cross Gene

◇ The ultimate winners will be chosen by a small group of judges.

• Included in card announcing the winners with a link to each winning card
• Featured on the community page
• Choice of - wallpaper, spam, or one shot
Alright, so I hope to see entries, and i can't wait to read them.

✧ CandY Mod Squad: ✧

♢ CandY Babies ♢

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I've come to realize my mistake...hopefully I won't see the Shin entries hahahaha
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@MaeLyn oh but I WOULD