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I'm still rooting for team MiRae-SeJoo ... but can't ignore this CHEMISTRY ... Rae-Shim ... makes your toes curl ... :D ... sekkcccceeee kiss ... sigh
They won’t have the most romantic backdrop, the scene taking place in a hospital, but it’ll still have the same effect on viewers: Swoon! Giddy yes! Screen cap! Squeal on a thread along with other squealing fans! Repeat when watching it RAW! LOL. It looks like Mi Rae will be in the process of undressing from (or dressing into) her hospital gown when Shin checks in on her. They sit together on her bed, then perhaps chatter a bit, and the next thing they know, they’re staring affectionately into each other’s eyes, and he’s guiding her face to his, and … ;)