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Shownu hasn't exactly had a lot of different hair styles, but I still really love this one because I feel like it fits him the most.


If I even tried to tell you that this wasn't my favorite hair style of Wonho's, you could tell that I would be lying because I LOVE this hair.

I'm really digging the purple hair(this looks silver) too, though. I feel like this one fits Hoseok very well and I just really like this one as well.


I just wanted to say that he is really beautiful in this picture and I just really like this picture. I thought my favorite hair on Minhyuk was when he is blonde, but it turns out it is when he has brown hair. Oops.
I just really love this picture. I'm sorry!


Hi, hello, annyeong! Of course I would bring Stuck into this somehow... Oops. I really do adore this hair on Kihyun though.
Why is he so pretty??????


I really didn't want to pick a hairstyle for Hyungwon, but I really do like this hair. Listen, Hyungwon always looks great. I love you memewon, no matter what you look like. (I'm sorry but it had to be done)


Jooheon is the only special one with Gifs, but it is for a good reason. You must appreciate the hair!
I really really like this hair. I like his blonde that he has now as well, but I REALLY like this hair...


I really love this hairstyle on I.M. I like it because in certain light it looks blue and then in other lights it looks black. I adore it and this is what I wish my hair would look like!

I also wanted to throw in some predebut I.M. There was a picture where he kind of looked like U-Kwon of Block B and my brain was just like... Does that mean U-Kwon is actually my bias? (The answer is no. Zico is most certainly my bias)

Also, here is a picture of all of them in Stuck because all of their hairstyles are on point! Such a great and beautiful picture. (the pun is literally not intended. I like to use the word beautiful a lot, but I have been trying to cut down since Beautiful came out.)