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I would definitely choose Team Natsu of Fairy Tail to go on an adventure with. Fairy Tail is an amazing* adventure anime, so it was automatically going to be my choice.
Fairy Tail follows a girl named Lucy Heartfilia (blonde), and a boy named Natsu Dragneel (pink). (I refuse to believe that Lucy is the only main character.) But yeah, the story begins with Lucy, a celestial wizard who can use the 12 zodiacs (13 in the anime) to fight her opponents. It may sound mean, but she is actually very respectful and caring towards her zodiac spirits. They all just happen to be stronger than her while in battle.
Natsu Dragneel is a pink-headed idiot... To put it bluntly. But he's insanely strong, using his fire magic. Anyways, we are introduced to Natsu in the first episode, as well as Lucy. All he was trying to do was to search for his dad. The dad that cared for him when he was a kid.. When he needed it most.. When he needed to learn magic.. Oh yeah, did I mention his dad is a dragon? No? Well yes, his father is a fire-breathing dragon. Well now you know where he got his fire ability from. ^^ But there is also one thing about him that I absolutely CANNOT tell you... Too big of a spoiler.. So I hope this gets you interested enough yo watch the show. ^^
Gray Fullbuster, the dream boat above, is an ice mage. (Gee, I wonder who he doesn't get along with....) Well, here's a hint, its Natsu. Pretty big hint, right? Well, I saved you the time, so thank me. XD Gray, unlike Natsu, doesn't really have one special goal throughout the series. He's kind of like the whatever-I-have-to-get-done-is-my-goal type. So he's kind of like me. ^^ XD To put it breif... Gray has a very weird habit. A habit that always gets the attention of a girl who has a crush on him. Meaning she's the only one who actually appreciates his habit.. *sighs* His habit is taking his clothes off, down to his underwear, at any random moment.. This habit originating from an event in the past. Which you'll just have to watch to find out. ^^ Very heartbreaking actually...
Erza Scarlet... Oh Erza... She probably has the most messed up background out of all of them.. I'm not gonna explain it.. Just know its pretty awful.. But yes, Erza is the strongest out of all of them. And she doesn't even have to use any actual* magic to do so. The only magic she possesses is storing all of her swords and armors using only her body. She can switch between them whenever she wants. And all she has to use during battle is her strength and determination. But that doesn't mean its easy.. Sometimes she has to rely on her strongest of armors and swords, while other times she must rely on her weakest. Sure, she's strong, but there's always someone stronger.. this meaning she can never always win a fight on her own. This is where Team Natsu come in...
Getting back to the actual giveaway. XD I would go with Team Natsu, and let's see... If I were to choose an adventure to go on with them... Oh this is hard.... *thinking intensifies* Ah! I got it! I would choose the Tenrou Island Arc! Where I would get to pair up with one of them to battle everyone else, but everyone would end up working together in the end! So, I hope I got you guys, who aren't Fairy Tail fans, interested in the anime! Even just a little bit! This is what I picked for That's My Adventure Tuesday! Thank you @AimeBolanos @OtakuDemon10 and @AmazingAshley !!! And good luck to the others who are participating!
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that spoiler is huge! Its close to the END of the book. Sry, Im horrible at puns! XD